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11th Nov 2013

Below are the current IGZF clan ranks:

Private - responsible for learning all clan rules and getting to know their clan members

Private First Class - responsible for knowing the rules and following them

Corporal - responsible for making sure PVT and PFC are following rules

Sergeant - responsible for making sure every member has the correct clan tag, motto and bio

Sergeant First Class - responsible for recruiting and helping others recruit

Master Sergeant - responsible for hosting game nights and maintains order within the ranks below them

Sergeant Major - Responsible for being active in the clan, works on being a positive role model for the ranks below them, show good in and out of game communication

Command Sergeant Major - start making use of clan forums, help with questions of lower ranks, know how to navigate website and answer questions about it

Warrant Officer - learn how to lead a team by teaching callouts, ect..

2nd Lieutenant - know your clan members and learn the duties of the rank above you

1st Lieutenant - make sure the ranks below are following clan rules and doing their duties

Captain - supervise game nights whenever Major is unavailable

Major - supervise game nights, keep log of who attended

Lieutenant Colonel - will step in whenever colonel is unavailable, help with questions of other members, help with recruiting

Colonel - must attend uppers meetings, can make recommendations on promotions, demotions and recruitments, responsible for their branch


Brigadier General 

Major General 

Lieutenant General 

Clan General 

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