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Clan Rules
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11th Nov 2013

The rules for IGZF are very simple, if you do not follow them then you will be out of the clan. We do not have time to baby-sit any members, so read the rules. If there are any questions, do not hesitate to ask an officer. 

1. Founders will have the final decision, no whining.

2. If there are any issues/suggestions/complaints please report them immediately to an upper. 

3. Disrespect to other clan members will not be tolerated.

4. Advertising another clan will not be tolerated. You must always have IGZF in your clan tag.

5. There will not be any racial or sexist comments.

6. When playing public matches, unless it makes the teams unbalanced, always play on the same team as your fellow clan mates. 

7. If you are going to be offline for an extended period of time, please send an upper a message to make them aware if possible. 

8. If a member quits, they may return as an active member of the clan, if approved by an Upper.

9. All members are to maintain a good attitude while representing the clan, we will not tolerate any unsportsmanlike conduct. 

10. Trust. Honor. Respect. - Be honest to your fellow teammates. We are not just a clan we are a family. We are here to bring each other up and have fun, not bring each other down.

11. Rage quitting will not be tolerated. 

12. You may not have a blacklisted member on your friends list or play with them. If you see a blacklisted member in a lobby, leave the lobby. Blacklisted members:

All RNSR clan members


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